What cufflinks to wear, when and with what?

The thing about cufflinks is that they are the opposite of the shirt that comes with buttons. In other words, this is meant to be a reflection of your personality and mood of the moment. It’s meant to be a statement of difference.

Having said that, we can still provide general guidelines that can be helpful.

Navy and charcoal suits are the standard issue for most people who wear a suit to work. Any one of our gold cufflinks is a great match for such outfit. It’s powerful and purposeful but not extravagant. 

For those daring to make a more elegant statement, any of our pearl cufflinks is the ideal option.

We would recommend the Verdi or Vivaldi cufflinks with sports jackets or blazers of any color. 

And what about that special occasion, when you need to stand out? Then there is no substitute for the Rachmaninoff or the Tchaikovsky cufflinks.

And finally, for white or cream jackets, the Rossini is your choice.

What cufflinks to wear, when and with what?
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