Q. What is the origin of cufflinks?

A. Cufflinks appeared in the 1600’s but didn’t become common until the late 18th century. Their development is closely associated with that of the man’s shirt. From the mid 19th century onward men in the middle and upper classes regularly wore cufflinks. The Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, popularised colourful Fabergé cufflinks in the 19th century. During this time cufflinks became fashion accessories and one of the few acceptable items of jewellery for men. The 1960’s brought a more casual attitude and dressing style, dominated by mass production, and shirts were supplied with buttons. Slowly but surely, cufflinks started making a come back since the 1980’s, and with the current boom in tailor made apparel for man, cufflinks will again become an essential accessory for the cosmopolitan man. 

Q. Why would anybody wear cufflinks when shirts already come with buttons?

A. It is true that most mass-produced shirts are now supplied with buttons. However, all department stores, and fashion outlets already supply a wide range of shirts with cuffs to wear with cufflinks and this a growing trend. And the answer to why you should wear cufflinks is that this is an expression of individuality. 

Q. What are cufflinks made of?

A. Cufflinks are made of a very large array of materials, from low cost fabrics, to base metals such as stainless steel and brass, silver, gold plated or solid gold, ceramics and all semi-precious or precious stones, Onyx, Agate and more.

Q. Are cufflinks only for special occasions?

A. There are indeed cufflinks that are quite elaborate and more suitable for special occasions, such as weddings and other formal events. However, anybody who wears a suit to work should be wearing cufflinks, or they are not fully dressed. 

Q. Where to buy cufflinks?

A. There are many specialised and non specialised cufflinks store, online and in-store, depends on your preference and tase. However, if you are looking for cufflinks that stands out, www.maximillianstudio.com is where to look.